Hi I’m bluezald and I’m fond of making 2D and 3D art, particularly stylized and fantasy game art.

I’m a self-taught freelance artist. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and this has always been my passion, though I never been a professional artist and end-up as a programmer, it never stopped me to draw during my free time.

My style is usually influenced in a mixture of Western and Eastern Art. You can follow me in these websites, and I somehow try to be in a platform where the art is ideal to be posted
Deviantart | Instagram | ArtStation | Sketchfab

For a more personal updates, you can follow me in my recent happenings through Facebook and Twitter

I love to keep myself involve in interesting projects, not only by creating illustrations entirely.

I challenged myself to work on commissions to push me to never stop drawing, but on the side, I also want to work on personal projects, like creating fantasy projects base on Octavia Series