Liso Library 1 is the first of many bundles of low-poly and hand-painted game assets. The goal is to provide you a wide array of varied game assets and props to be used in setting up your game world or environment. For this initial bundle, this is a mixture of assets that is medieval/village themed for an RPG game. All Assets are render-ready for Blender-internal Renderer

What’s Inside:

  • Windmill
  • Chandelier
  • 2 Trees
  • 2 Houses
  • 2 Wells
  • 2 Vendor Stands
  • Barrel
  • Crate
  • 7 Wood Props
  • 2 Plants
  • 5 Fruits
  • Barrel Carrier
  • Table and Chair
  • Book

You can check on it on the Blender Market or on Gumroad

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