Request for Commission:

  • See work queue¬†here

Full-Body Painted Character

I draw characters like for D&D, World of Warcraft, Anime or any sort, just feel free to add in details and let’s make your character. You can provide a shared doc or a compiled imgur link

  • Painting style, so the line-art is not entirely visible
  • You can specify the background of the character
  • Note, this is a per character. Additional character will multiply the price as well, same as in the other slot
  • Simple background like the preview and transparent will be provided
  • you can ask for the psd file, just send me your email so I can share it on drive, as the file size may be big and there’s a bit of trouble sending it here.
  • Optional Add-ons (if specified facial expressions / item details – Negotiable and price may change)

Price: 130 USD

Manga/Comics Creation

  • Black and White Manga/Comics Creation
  • with Screentones and Shading
  • PSD available if needed

Updates as of 04/02/18:
– Price is increased as the quality is improved and each page are with screentones


  • 10 pages
  • The Price may be adjusted depending on the number of pages required.
    Normal pricing is $13 per page, but still can be adjusted if a page has simple requirement like just a bunch of smoke and stuff – so it will be at lower price. Same also will increase, depending on the complexity

The Estimated turn-around also may vary depending on the schedule

Price: 130 USD


  • To request for commission email:
  • Once your email is received, you can track for the progress here
  • Take note though that the sketch will not proceed to lineart as soon as you don’t send the payment
  • For your payment, send it here
  • You can do half the payment, but the full resolution won’t be sent. You need to pay in full for me to release the finish artwork.
  • For other simple commissions, you can request here

Or you can request thru: Artistsnclients