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The fund is going to, primarily, fund the first in what is going to be a series of comics with a manga feel. This project is inspired by both the American comic and the Japanese manga, and is a combination of the two. The ultimate goal in all this is to blend these two genres and styles into on fluid art style that is all its own. The story has been in the making for years. And the reason it never went anywhere before was because, unfortunately, I like the gift for the talent of art. But I have found an artist who is working with me to create at least this first manga, and if I’m able to raise enough money, will hopefully stay and make more with me. With one person creating the story, and the other being the artist it insures that both the story will be solid and fluid, while the artwork itself will be detailed and aesthetically pleasing.

The Plot: 

Damon is searching for his father. The reason? Because Damon believes his father killed his mother. It has the feel of a revenge plot, and along the way Damon finds out his father is planning to destroy the entire universe. Damon is half-human and half-dimoni. His motives for saving humanity are mixed and struggles because time and time again humans are the ones slowing his progress to find his father; ergo, potentially save the universe.


The story mainly takes place in King City. Think a fusion between New York City, London, and Tokyo. The city is constantly busy, very overpopulated, and teeming with crime in every crevice. Foes range from common thugs and gangs, to super-corporations that impose their will on the populace.

King City in all its busy slender.
King City in all its busy slender.

The story features a wide variety of characters.


Cyborg Fighter
Cyborg Fighter

These characters are incredibly diverse, many with their own subplots and stories throughout the series. The characters all range in age, race, ethnicity, some with rather tragic background stories.

Wouldn't it be nice to see her in the comics?
Wouldn’t it be nice to see her in the comics?


The universe in which this all takes place is always expanding as my team of writers are constantly at work. With each character to eventually get their own spin of comic.

Wouldn't want him coming after you.
Wouldn’t want him coming after you.

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