The Making of Damon: The Folly of Man Manga Artist Links: Production Link: The fund is going to, primarily, fund the first in what is going to be a series of comics with a manga feel. This project is inspired by both the American comic and the Japanese manga, and is a combination of the… ( ( Read More ) )

The Making of Paradise Lost Manga

Paradise Lost Manga Project is a manga take of a narrative poem/novel by John Milton. The Client suggested to have a more modern “anime” look of the the classic poem/novel. The Project started as a request by kellysinglondon, which consists of 54 pages. It was a bit challenging as there are a… ( ( Read More ) )

5 Steps in Character Design

I had a few art commissions already particularly in character concepts and designs. I did not have the privilege to go into an art school to draw, but this came down from hobby and self study online. There’s actually a lot of free stuff with regards to drawing. Two of… ( ( Read More ) )

My First Product

Liso Library 1 is the first of many bundles of low-poly and hand-painted game assets. The goal is to provide you a wide array of varied game assets and props to be used in setting up your game world or environment. For this initial bundle, this is a mixture of assets… ( ( Read More ) )

Starting out my Website

I should definitely make a portfolio website other than my profiles online, like, Deviantart, Artstation, etc. At least that was my thought before really publishing a website in WordPress (such as this one). I kept delaying due to the idea that I don’t have enough works to show online. But it… ( ( Read More ) )